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Departing to Europe-JTD exports 10 portable houses to Poland

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Update time : 2020-08-14 22:40:29

Departing to Europe-JTD exports 10 portable houses to Poland

JTD exported 10 portable houses to Poland at the end of June. After a month of drifting at sea, the cargo was successfully landed in Germany on August 6. JTD officially kicked off its export to the EU. In the coming time, JTD will work closely with Polish partners to jointly develop a broader European market. 

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1. Portable living solution. Products can solve life and work problems in underdeveloped areas, Such as the outdoor, camping, industrial and mining construction. It can solve the problems of accommodation, office and power supply, and provide fast and convenient protection for life and outdoor operations. Specific products: portable houses, home solar systems, commercial and industrial solar systems.

2. Solutions for plantations. Agricultual drones and small agricultural machinery make up convenient, fast and efficient agricultural production. Specific products: agricultural drones, small construction machinery, small agricultural machinery.

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