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Mini Excavator 2T

Item No.: JE20

Mini Excavators  2T

With operating weights from 1 to 5,3 tonnes JET mini-excavators are remarkably versatile. Compact, light, and very powerful they work anywhere, particularly in tight spaces. Perfectly suited to both end-users and rental companies, these machines offer first class comfort and controllability to the experienced and the novice operator alike. Easy maintenance,  guarantee a reduced total cost of ownership and an increased resale value.

Overall Length(erm lowered) 3560(MM)
Overall Height 2400(MM)
width(Telescopic) 1100/1200(MM) 选装Optional
Track width 230(MM)
Total track length 1620(MM)
Track gauge 964(MM)
Min ground clerance 190(MM)
Working Range
Max.Digging Height 3770(MM)
Max.Dumping Height 2640(MM)
Max.Digging Depth 2000(MM)
Maximum mining range 4100MM)
Maximum digging distance 4000(MM)
Minimum radius of gyration 1635(MM)
Maximum lifting height of earth shovel 247(MM)
The maximum digging depth of dozer 162(MM)
Min Tail swing radius 860(MM)
Boom swing angle 45°左(LH)55° (RH)/ Optional
Model YD385-8G/L385B/ 3TNV
power 17.5 KW /18.1KW/10.2KW
Cooling method water-cooling Diesel engine
Hydraulic System
 Operating Pressure 20.5mpa
Flow 40L/MIN
Type Full hydraulic pilot operated,load Sensing System
Valve USA
Hydraulic Pump Gear Pump/ Plunger Pump
Operating Weight 1900kg
(SAE)Bucket Capacity 0.05m3
Bucket with maximum digging force / Stick (ISO) 24.6KN(2460)
Unit swing speed 8-10r/min
Travel speed 2.5km/h
Fuel reservoir 22L

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